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Only Mother Nature Does It Better™

Bone Clones® fabrica replicas exactas de craneos y esqueletos con una extensa línea en anatomía, zoología, antropología, paleontología, medicina forense, reproducciones. Con más de 2000 productos disponibles, Bone Clones® es el líder en la reproducción de cráneos, esqueletos y modelos de enseñanza altamente precisos y detallados para profesionales de la exhibición y enseñanza de museos



Human Anatomy- We manufacture a large selection of human skulls and skeletons from fetal to advanced age, sex, and ancestry.

Forensics- Forensic osteology is the study of bones in the medico-legal setting. Specialists, such as forensic anthropologists, use their knowledge of forensic osteology to determine sex, ancestry, stature, identifying characteristics, approximate age at death and possible cause of death. Evidence of trauma and/or illness can also provide valuable clues. Osteology plays a significant role in identifying remains encountered at crime scenes and war-devastated regions all over the world.

Fossil Hominids- composed of discoveries from anatomically modern humans, archaic humans, early Homo, early hominins, and other hominids. 

Primates- The fossils of these early primates possessed particular traits that are recognized as “true primate” features – forward facing eye sockets, large brain, complete postorbital construction to protect the eye, an opposable big toe and nails instead of claws. Included in the order Primate are strepsirrhines (lemurs and lorises), and haplorhines (apes, New World monkeys, Old World monkeys).

Zoology- The appearance and detail of our animal skeletons is so realistic and the material so durable that our replicas offer a viable alternative to natural bone, whether for museum displays, instruction of animal osteology, or private collections

Paleontology- Since then we cast a number of fossil cats from the Babiarz Institute collection, including the rare skull and skeleton of Xenosmilus. Many interesting zoological fossils were made available for us to cast; some very impressive - like the skull of a Sarcosuchus, a Megalodon jaw with a full set of teeth, a Smilodon skeleton, and a Short-faced Bear skeleton, as well as a skeleton of Odontopteryx gigas (Fossil Giant Bony-Toothed Bird).